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But as part of this shift, The Credit Junction now may start offering its real-time, high-resolution underwriting platform as a service, so it will become a SaaS company as well. This follows the same path that trial balance Douglas Merrill, former CIO of Google, took with his ZestCash business, which started out as a short term, unsecured lender to consumers but eventually added ZestFinance to sell its technology directly.

The internet has fast become a success driver for businesses across America. From new sales opportunities to business lending, the online space can help businesses grow in a changing economy. Accessing capital for your business When it comes to securing equity financing for your business understanding your options is key. Creating a capital structure of flexibility that allows small business owners to not worry about capital when times are good, or you know, kind of scale back capital when times are a little tight, to me, is a great partnership.

And at some point you take all those learnings and what I call really, Elizabeth, a heuristic, right? It’s these things that you can’t put on paper, it’s the things that you really can’t explain that actually lead you to make the decisions, right? I mean it’s easy to see numbers on a piece of paper or words on a piece of paper. Because everything you do in a small business doesn’t only affect yourself it affects everyone around. I ended up meeting Tim, his real name, in early 2009 I guess, before he exploded on the scene.

  • I really wanted to be a part of that new ecosystem that was forming.
  • If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.
  • And those are run by entrepreneurs and small business owners that traditionally need, less than $ ,000.
  • We can run all sorts of analytics against reporting and how your business is progressing, to help the business owner understand things that maybe he or she didn’t see as they’re in the kind of day to day of it.
  • The first group are companies that need anywhere between $50,000 and call it $250,000, that traditionally are what we call mainstreet.

Since that time, Michael has been an operational and financial executive at primarily high growth companies within the financial services, technology and media industries. Michael is a Founding Partner at Oversand where he focuses primarily on deal sourcing, capital raising and strategic partnerships. Prior to starting Oversand, Michael spent six years as the CEO & Founder of The Credit Junction, a leading FinTech lending and analytics platform. Michael has been an operational and financial executive at primarily high growth companies within the financial services, technology and media industries and has successfully raised an aggregate of $350M in debt and equity for those businesses. The Credit Junction is a technology-enabled, online marketplace lending platform focused on providing working capital and supply chain financing solutions.

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VPC provides opportunistic capital solutions to both emerging and established businesses with an expertise investing across various sectors where traditional sources of capital are limited. The firm’s differentiated offerings leverage an extensive network of industry relationships, disciplined deal origination, creative financing capabilities and broad credit structuring and special situations expertise. The firm was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Chicago with additional offices in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

TFAC members represent commercial banks and other financial services providers, industry associations, exporters and research institutions. The facility will allow the company to provide comprehensive capital solutions to SMEs across the United States, with the long-term vision of transforming the way SMEs finance their working capital needs. An online lending platform providing working capital financing solutions to small and mid-sized manufacturers, suppliers and distributors. The Credit Junction is an asset-based lending platform that provides working capital and growth financing solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. Launched in May 2015 by Michael Finkelstein, CEO, The Credit Junction combines traditional credit metrics with data intelligence and partners with business owners to deliver asset-based financing alternatives unique to the needs of each borrower. The Credit Junction has helped businesses across the country achieve their growth objectives while supporting job creation and development in the communities they serve. Victory Park Capital Advisors, LLC (“VPC”) is a privately held, SEC-registered, global alternative investment firm.

The real-time, high-resolution risk model means that The Credit Junction can offer additional advances against their lines the same day they request it. Marketplace Lending allows a direct connection between potential borrower and private capital sources, facilitating the flow of credit to consumers and small businesses. By using technology, The Credit Junction can streamline the application, vetting michael finkelstein credit junction and approval process. This results in increased transparency and decreased time to borrow. Please join webinar presenter, Michael Finkelstein, chief executive officer of The Credit Junction who will speak to how online capital providers are stepping in to offer critically needed business capital. In addition, the events that change the model become available in real time or close to it.

michael finkelstein credit junction

The facility strengthens and expands The Credit Junction’s ability to deliver comprehensive capital solutions to businesses across the United States. We continue to move to a real-time access to goods and services society and capital should be no different. Tell The Credit Junction you’re interested in working at the company, while keeping your personal identity anonymous. Comparably will give The Credit Junction the opportunity to hire you. When there’s a job opening that’s a fit we’ll make the match happen.

It can enhance credit, it can enhance collateral monitoring, it can enhance all sorts of things such that we do not have a box. We combine data with certain traditional lending metrics to come up with our view of the health of the model, or the health of the applicant. And by the way, data just doesn’t help day one, data after the loan can help. But that value proposition bothered me because it didn’t seem credible that a bank who noticed that risk had gone down because of the high-res view would rush to reduce the rate. Seltzer said that lowering rates really isn’t part of the picture. What borrowers frequently want is faster access to capital, and will often pay a higher rate to get it.

This makes The Credit Junction’s software easier to adopt than previous generations and far more adaptable because it’s built on a set of modern APIs for integration and extension. If lenders adopt this real-time, high-resolution form of underwriting and monitoring, it is now clear it will have many benefits that go beyond those I initially considered. « The ready availability of trade finance is a crucial ingredient to the success of U.S. exporters across virtually every economic sector, » said Secretary Ross. « The TFAC provides industry stakeholders a critical voice in government, allowing the Department to better assist American exporters. »


Seltzer says lenders generally know what they want to know but they can’t get that information cost-effectively and immediately. In a real-time, high-resolution lending model, lenders can get all the metrics they want so the picture of risk should become much more accurate. By looking at the data over time, lenders can also spot trends earlier and develop models from historical data that predict future performance and correlate variables.

michael finkelstein credit junction

Century Equity Partners, LLC (« Century ») is a Boston based private equity firm that provides capital to lower middle market companies seeking investments to support growth or fund acquisitions, partial buyout or recapitalization opportunities. Century focuses on companies operating across the insurance, asset & wealth management, specialty finance, and banking and lender services sectors. I had run small businesses, I had access to capital, you know, concerns and issues and challenges and really wanted to be a part of this new wave of lending, This new wave of combining data and technology with a kind of lending criteria. Ours is asset based, and allowing small business owners the opportunity or affording them the opportunity to really access the capital they need through multiple points, and giving them multiple options. Established in 2016, and re-chartered in August 2018, the TFAC serves as the principal advisory body to the Secretary of Commerce on matters relating to access to trade finance for U.S. exporters.

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michael finkelstein credit junction

And some of us are right from some businesses and some of us are not, and I think there’s a lot of information out there which lends itself to noise. On Xero Gravity #53, Michael shines the light on this new source for financing your small business. He shares how asset-based lending means more choices, better information, a rock-solid pricing model, and access to capital anywhere in the world.

I really get focused on the use, the kind of business we’re serving, and the use of those funds. And whether that’s $ ,000 or $2-3 million, I think each business is unique. The first group are companies that need anywhere between $50,000 and call it $250,000, that traditionally are what we call mainstreet. These are great businesses — restaurants, they could be wine stores, they could be barber shops — and these appear countless times across this country in small towns and big towns, in major cities, in smaller cities. And those are run by entrepreneurs and small business owners that traditionally need, less than $ ,000. Julia is a Founding Partner at Oversand where she focuses on sourcing, supply chain, and brand building. A passionate educator and community builder, Julia is also a tech founder who has created award winning, innovative products for women’s health.

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Find prospects, develop your lists, and track your marketing campaigns without even having to leave the RocketReach suite. Find the most crucial people you need to bring your product to with our advanced search features and then immediately take action, leaving your competition in the dust. Raising money from your community Less than 50% of banking capital reaches community businesses. Learn ways to fund your small business in this Xero Gravity podcast. Then you have the next segment of small businesses, which is actually the segment that we serve that are not necessarily what appears on main street, but really appears in industry.

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And being a partner is really understanding the fact that small business owners go through highs and lows, they go through areas of growth and they go through areas of — hopefully not too many — but times of stagnation. I became just intellectually fascinated with what was going on in financial services. I think we can all agree Elizabeth, that the world changed after 2008, and that for a variety of reasons, traditional financial institutions were exiting a lot of loan products, and I wanted to be a part of that.

So, we look at your receivables, we look at inventory, whether that’s finished goods, or working process, or raw materials depending on the kind of business retained earnings you are. You may be buying goods and re-selling them as a distributor or you may be making goods as a manufacturer and we’ll look at those.

So you’re no longer beholden as a small business owner to the banks within a 50-mile radius of where you live. And I think that will lend itself to better choices, better information and in the long run, create a pricing model that actually works for your business, whatever that may be. So I think, Elizabeth, the number one misconception is that if I do not get a loan from a bank I do not have an option, and that just simply is not the case today. The challenge for any new vendor in financial services, and especially in banking, is to sell into an environment that is risk-averse, highly regulated and audited, and slow to change. If you can penetrate these barriers and land and expand, you find yourself with a great business.

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Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross announced the appointment of 21 members to the Trade Finance Advisory Council . The members represent commercial banks and other trade finance organizations, exporters, and academia. In addition to providing The Credit Junction with its first institutional credit facility, VPC has provided an investment to fund working capital needs in advance of the company’s equity raise expected later this year. And our view was given some elegant use of data and technology we believed in – I guess we’re starting to do it – that we could bring that great product to the small business community and it’s been – it’s been very well received.

Don’t miss this opportunity to grow your small business with stronger working capital. Experts from The Credit Junction will be on hand to talk about working capital loans, alleviating working capital needs and cash flow problems, and decreasing overall borrowing time and funding costs. By using this site, you are agreeing to security monitoring and auditing. To allow for equitable access to all users, SEC reserves the right to limit requests originating from undeclared automated tools. Your request has been identified as part of a network of automated tools outside of the acceptable policy and will be managed until action is taken to declare your traffic.

When collateral values are changing, the sooner you act the better your ability to preserve the value of your loan. If a borrower provides data to a lender, they must get something in return, such as a lower rate, faster access to money, or more information about their own business. On Wednesday, May 13th The Credit Junction, an online platform helping transform the customer experience for small and mid-sized businesses seeking loans, will provide insights into the current online lending space. One of the things that the Credit Junction really prides itself on is bringing asset-based lending to the small business world. The awareness that there are a variety of different ways for you to finance your business, either through traditional means or alternative means.

Michael started his career in corporate finance at Salomon Brothers. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Michael Finkelstein is the CEO & Founder of The Credit Junction. He has been an operational and financial executive at primarily high-growth companies for the past 15 years and has co-founded and/or held executive positions across companies within the technology, financial services and infrastructure industries. Michael has been an operational and financial executive at primarily high-growth companies for the past 15 years and has co-founded and/or held executive positions across companies within the technology, financial services and infrastructure industries. Prior to starting FRAQ, Michael spent six years as the CEO & Founder of The Credit Junction, a leading FinTech lending and analytics platform. He started his career at Salomon Brothers, then headed out west to get his MBA from Stanford.

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