Immediately following certain continued looking, they find yourself into brand new guild

Pleased then says you to though they do find the exact same book, he does not believe that Lucy tend to forgive him or her, that Natsu answers that he currently understands that, but they still have to discover exact same guide to possess Lucy’s benefit

Realizing the issue they written, Natsu and you can Happy set you back most of the bookstores within the Magnolia, searching for a copy of one’s book. Gray and you will Erza tell the two troublemakers in order to apologize so you can Lucy once they can. Prior to he’s got the chance, Lucy shows up and lends Natsu and you may Delighted various other guide titled Miltu Fable, good prequel so you’re able to Maya Forest. Definitely, Natsu try not to stop shaking within the worry. Pleased, who usually do not end moving also, requires why is the book very important so you can Lucy. Lucy hesitates for a moment before saying that the ebook are a souvenir from her mommy, which causes the two troublemakers to split into tears. Whenever Lucy says that the last part can make her or him shed rips, Natsu and you will Happier comment that they’re already weeping, however, Lucy seems to perhaps not listen to the remark. [48]

Moments after, the fresh troubled Natsu and you may Happier turned into more disheartened when Grey comments about how happy Lucy is actually and you may Erza comments regarding how they is actually a memento regarding Lucy’s later mommy. With the knowledge that it will only hurt the girl way more if they make an effort to cover-up they, Natsu and you will Pleased quickly go to Lucy so you’re able to apologize so you can this lady. But while they’re apologizing, Lucy actually starts to scream and you may operates away, leaving several traumatized government in the street. While Erza worries more than Lucy, she states the woman is way more worried about Natsu and you can Happier, both of which ended up being anxiously finding a comparable book in several metropolises without other people. Simply then, Lucy appears. With her lead held lower in front out-of Natsu and Delighted, she begins to apologize. Individuals are puzzled about what she setting, however, Lucy continues to declare that she lied. Opening their handbag, she dumps from stuff, also to Natsu’s and you will Happy’s shock, it includes of several copies of your burnt book. Pleased asks as to the reasons Lucy is the owner of a lot of copies, to which Lucy reactions you to definitely she tried to publish the book out-of her own wallet. She states one she was not sleeping regarding the guide being a souvenir out of her mommy, yet not, because the articles of the book try away from all of the stories that the woman mom informed her when she is more youthful. [49]

Three days solution, and Gray cards you to Lucy has not yet arrived at the guild for the very same timeframe

Lucy up coming says that when she heard one Natsu and you will Delighted have been finding the publication, she are very happy this must have gone over the lady direct. Lucy wished them to read the publication and you can wished that they will be really trying to find just what publication had to bring. She up coming claims one burning the publication don’t most indicate excess, but she wasn’t equipped to handle the reality that they lied on are shopping for the book. Due to the fact Lucy continues to acknowledge, she begins to shout and you can says one she is never ever crazy from the him or her, but rather ashamed of the her own creativity and you can satisfaction. Natsu and you will Happy try to peaceful Lucy off because of the telling her to conquer her or him up to she actually is satisfied. So it just tends to make the girl scream actually more difficult, that causes Natsu and Prepared to scream as well. Gray upcoming gets in and you can set a bottle on the ground, comforting them down and you may informing her or him you to both parties was responsible. Happier after that asks exactly what the take in should be to which Grey states your take in shows exactly what its team is like, which causes folk to help you laugh. That being said, Grey says to these to the miracles of water and possess prepared to functions once more, that group reactions joyfully. [50]

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