Maintenance of this product is a breeze, thanks to its easy-to-lift lid and base. The base can be taken off using a standard Phillips screwdriver, and the entire unit is washable with a mild soap and warm water. The Gray Bunny makes for a great gift idea for all parents, children, and garden owners. It is designed by only the best minds from across the globe, who combine their intellect and skills to create a highly innovative product for your user comfort. Find more great products like this by checking out our guide to the best plant stands.

  • More specialized feeders, such as nectar, fruit, and suet feeders, attract select types of birds, such as hummingbirds, orioles, and woodpeckers.
  • If you’re using shelled sunflower seeds, the recommendation is to clear the feed out once every two days, which is a lot of turnover.
  • This feeder also has a sliding feeding tray to make it easier for you to clean and refill the tray.
  • To ensure that you have a slick looking window feeder, remove the tray, clean it, air dry it and then fill up again.
  • The larger the food capacity, the more refills you need to do.

There are also bird feeders specially designed for indoor pet birds. JW Pet Clean Seed Silo Bird Feeder works for your indoor birds like Parakeets, Canaries, Finches and similar small sized birds. It not only provides a clean supply of food but, it also keeps things cleaner outside of the cage. The Caitec Paradise Corner Cage Mount Bird Feeder is an interactive foraging toy that will keep your pet Parrot entertained for hours. And keep your small bird hydrated with a bird waterer like the Lixit Chew Proof Glass Small Animal Water Bottle with a chew resistant plastic cap. Attract small birds to your yard or keep your indoor Parakeet or Canary happy with bird feeders and waterers from Chewy’s pet shop.

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It holds plenty of birdseed, and you can control how much seed is released, by cutting a hole for enough spillage. Mason jars have proven quite useful outside kitchens, and in backyard decorations. You can use one such mason jar as your DIY bird feeder. The best thing about mason jars is the fact that they can be crafted and modified into any unique design. Like this bird feeder which uses an old license plate, some spoon holders and sardine tins. You can use old metal plates, wooden spoons, cans, and bottles.

For seed, suet and fruit plus the choose Petzuna best problem-solving and squirrel-proof bird feeders. Take a look at our top picks below, from ingenious window bird feeders to handmade bird feeders that are works of art. If you want to watch nature up close, this squirrel-proof window bird feeder is a great way to start!

Wild Bird Center Going Green Window Feeder

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What is great with bird watching is the delight brought about by the multitudes of colors – soft feathers in various shades. With the futuristic Window Bird Feeder Model created by Nature Gear, you will have non-stop guests by your window. Nature’s hangout promised of connecting human and the wonder of nature comes true in this feeder. Of course, the first consideration is on whether or not the birds will find it so make sure it is within reach by the birds.

The best hummingbird feeders are brightly colored , easy to fill with nectar, and offer a drip- and leak-proof design that only a hummingbird can reach. Backyard bird enthusiasts know that adding a feeder will not only attract birds, but any other wildlife that thinks they can steal a quick meal. If squirrels are a concern for you, consider a squirrel-proof bird feeder. Nectar-style bird feeders should be drip-proof to prevent unwanted ants and bees.

Small Peanut Feeder With Guardian

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Did you know a group of hummingbirds is called a charm? In addition to this large-scale bird feeder idea, you can attract hummingbirds with these clever methods. Consider adding a bird house feeder to your yard to keep them dry as they feed. This unique backyard bird feeder idea is another one that you create using materials you may already have around the house. Attach a soup ladle to a board or other sturdy backing material.

The baffles should be at least 15 to 18 inches wide or long to prevent squirrels from reaching around them. Many squirrel baffles are designed to twirl or tilt if a squirrel climbs onto them, keeping the animal off balance and unable to access the feeder. A 3/4-inch conduit pipe is ideal, but any heavy metal pipe that is rust-free will work. Place an 8-foot pipe 2 feet into the ground, so that you have a 6-foot height for your bird feeder. Grease or wax the pole from the ground to about 6 inches from the top with a non-drying automotive grease or carnuba wax.

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Audubon Going Green Window choose Petzuna Bird Feeder At Bestnest Com

The attraction of pigeons has led to the attraction of crows who try to eat the pigeons, really not what I had in mind. I’ve had this feeder for a few months and have really enjoyed seeing the Robins and other small birds that feed regularly. After I fixed the feeder at a 45 degree angle the wood pigeons who prefer level surfaces can’t seem to land and get a grip but the small birds are still quite happy. One downside is having to fill the tray more frequently as it now won’t hold as much, but so far so good. This may be a faulty product as it is very rare we hear of this happening. One solution may be moistening the suction cups before placing them on the glass.